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With people management, you can see who’s working for you, the jobs they’re on, and the items they’re responsible for, so you’ll always know where your equipment is and how it’s being used.

Individual Contact Info

One-Key allows you to keep updated contact info for your whole team, all in one place. Import contacts from your phone book or add new ones. You can call, text message, or email the people you need to,  when you need to, right from the app.

Multiple Users

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Multi-User Admin

With great access comes great accountability.  Provide your team with the level of access and controls you deem appropriate. See changes made by each user for complete visibility. 

One-Key Compatible Tools

With 35 connected tools and counting, we're working alongside trades like you to deliver a smarter jobsite. It's time to bring your tools out of the stone age.  View the complete ONE-KEY™ lineup.

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