List of places from places dashboard in mobile app

Places Dashboard

Dashboard lets you quickly assess all your jobs in one clean view. You can conveniently filter by division, headcount, equipment tally, and more to determine location needs and availability.

Place Detail

Get organized at the project level. Visualize what's on-hand to cut back on hoarding, or get something where it needs to be, before it needs to be there. Balancing your equipment prevents overspend and costly downtime.

Dashboard revealing Milwaukee Tool hq with places information
phone displaying inventory audit of four tools

Audit Anywhere

Wherever work takes you, One-Key is the quickest way to verify what you have on-hand. Every TICK, barcoded item, and One-Key compatible tool can be tracked. The app generates a list of what was seen, and more importantly, what wasn't.


Transfers are quick and easy. Fill a shopping cart of items to send to a site, auto-generate a pick-list for accountability, and the system will back up every transfer for your records.

image of phone and list of tool and equipment transfers

One-Key Compatible Tools
and Equipment

As the construction industry’s leading developer of smart tech and connected tools, we’re working alongside trades to deliver a smarter jobsite. View the complete ONE-KEY™ lineup.